Liked Tweets

Liked Tweets

What is interesting about a content creator on any of the platforms, or moreover any individual that you look up to?

First thing would be their content, obviously (primarily for a content creator or their product/service/ company if that’s their primary thing). You would only follow them, if you connect with their perspective, their point of view.

The second thing would be the collaborations they do, the people they collaborate with, and what does their voice represent.

Thirdly, and more importantly, where you get to know the individual’s reality, their behind the scenes, what they consume, their real tastes and interests – are the ‘Liked Tweets’ section (on Twitter).

Twitter’s Liked Tweets (of any individual) is like a treasure chest which reveals the individual’s reality vs their public image (their content).

To understand whether you are looking up to the right individual, whether you should follow them and learn from them or not, or give them your time or not, this Liked Tweets section seems like a good starting point, rather than what they post about.