What is this moment telling you?

What is this moment telling you?

Every moment of our life, something or the other is happening, in the form of a thought, a communication or an action, every moment has something of its own.

But what is this moment telling you?

Either as a lesson, or a learning, what are you receiving from that particular moment?

Sometimes we rush so much from one moment to the next, we forget to take in what we are receiving. We don’t soak it in.

Sometimes, we have to stay still for a second (or learn stillness in general) to understand what that moment is telling you, and what we can take away from it.

Next time, simply ask yourself out of the blue… ‘What is this particular moment telling me?’, until it becomes a habit.

Access to Information

Access to Information

What is it that you want to learn?

We live at a time when, unlike the previous times or generations, we have an unlimited access to Information.

So much so, that you cannot consume even 0.1% of it in your lifetime.

Now, the question arises again, what is it that you want to learn?

No limited course or degree or experience of life can give you enough knowledge about something, that it stops you from learning more.

Moreover, while these external tools guide you and create a structure so you can learn… It doesn’t necessarily allow the depth or freedom to explore all the areas of a subject.

Now it boils down to, are you willing to put in the time and energy and efforts so you can expand not only your knowledge, but also your perspective, your point of view and learn something new?

With the access of information that you now have, is there another reason why you wouldn’t access it?

A day without learning

A day without learning

For someone who is obsessed with learning,

To learn, not particularly academically, but any form of learning, especially with the amount of content available on the internet, via audio, video or text, one can learn anything and anywhere, whatever topic they’re interested in.

Not obsessed per se, but who particularly looks back at the end of the day and notices what they’ve learnt, what are the takeaways from those learnings,

For someone like that, a day without learning is noticeable like a snap of a finger.

What if the day goes by and you didn’t get the time to learn something new and add something to your reservoir of knowledge?

But can a day really go without learning?

There could have been an experience with something, a conversation with someone, a thought in your head, that made you think… That made you ideate more… That was something new to learn.

Can a day really go by without learning, if you are really looking forward to learning something new?


25 Years and 25 Lessons of my Life

As I’m about to turn 26, here’s a better time than other to look back and reflect at the 25 years of my life that I’ve been able to live and enjoy and now it’s time to retrospect.

With such experiences, with such learning, there are a ton of lessons that have shaped my life and will continue to do as well.

Here’s a summary of all of the retrospection and reflection and ultimately, the 25 Lessons of my Life –

1. Everything happens according to its own timeline

The impatience within us, is so deep-rooted that it takes over not only for the bigger things in life, but also for the smallest of things. That impatience leads to wanting everything too soon, you do something now, and you want to see the results of it, right now itself and only with learning and mistakes, do you understand that life doesn’t work that way.

Everything happens when it has to happen, you just have to keep pushing through, without stopping, if its truly something you want to live/ pursue/ want.

2. Failure is not the end of the world

Quite often, when we fail (at anything), we feel broken, we feel shattered, there’s an end of the world feeling attached to it. Thinking like there’s no tomorrow.

But, with time and experience, you understand that failure is not the end, but the beginning, it’s a stepping stone filled with learning, now knowing what you don’t have to do or what you can do better.

3. Happiness is Within, not in anything, nor anywhere else

When you go beyond how our mind is conditioned, when you go beyond your needs and wants, and change your mindset and perspective, you start to understand how happiness is within you.

It’s one of the emotions that you feel, living a certain kind of life, doing certain things. It’s not a chase, nor an outcome, nor available in any one thing or any one place.

4. When you control your Health, you control everything else as well

It’s only when you lose control of your physical or your mental health, or both, you start seeing its effects on your life as well, whether internally or externally.

How you feel within and how you act and react, all is a consequence of your mental and physical health.

5. Present Pleasures can have Future Consequences

In the younger years of our lives, for whatever reasons, we feel lost in the world of escapism, with a feeling of pleasure towards those things – whether related to food, people, activities, actions.

At the moment, we feel like this is the only thing to do, without even realizing that if not at the moment, then in the future, there are consequences attached to it – which have an impact on your life, your destiny, your future.

6. Entitlement makes you lose your focus and capabilities

When you feel entitled towards something, either at home, or from outsiders, or from any other establishment, you feel like you automatically deserve something without doing anything for it.

An approach of that sort is nothing less than a shortcut, to get something you want without putting in the work for it. It makes you lose your focus towards your own life, what you are capable of getting on your own.

7. Only those who experience it, understand the importance of Spirituality

People often confuse spirituality with being religious, and mix the two and their takeaways from it. Spirituality helps you go deeper in your life, helps you still your mind and body, relaxes you, shows you your true self.

Unless you walk on that path, unless you don’t experience those things and more, you don’t really understand its importance on your life.

8. Your Early 20s are your best years to experiment

Your early 20s and even before are the years when you don’t understand your life nor the world, you think you do, but you don’t.

It’s at such a time, with the rawness, excitement, and the eagerness to experiment, when you can, instead of settling on the societal norms, do brilliant things in those years without even thinking about the future for a moment.

9. The concept of doing everything by a certain age are just societal concepts created to limit you

Speaking of societal norms, whosoever started this and then continued it over these years, on a mass scale, was successful in hindering the growth of the human kind.

Everything has to be done by a certain age, whether you want it or not, or else people will start asking questions, start judging you and now you have this pressure to do those x number of things. Well, you can reframe your mind and go beyond this, and live the life you want to live and enjoy.

10. As you age, you realize you need very few people around you whom you want to continue your journey with

With all the acquaintances that have and all the networking you do, as you age, and not just with age, but as you understand the life you want to live, you want to be around only a few people.

These few people of your inner circle whom you want to continue your journey with, whom you want to share everything with and grow together.

11. Questioning things is a way out of the matrix

To explain with that theory, if we are in a matrix, where all of us are programmed to live in a certain way, do the same things, want the same things, live the same life, to get out of it is to question everything.

When you question, you seek the answers, you learn new things, you evolve and develop yourself in the process and now you start asking deeper questions and keep evolving yourself to a better version of yourself.

12. Everything is interconnected within you

With what you do, what you eat, what you speak, how you think, how you live your day, what you consume, everything is interconnected.

Because you feel a certain way, you speak a certain way and you eat a certain something and you then feel another emotion and that cycle keeps spinning. Everything is interconnected within you and when you realize that is when you start to be in control of your life.

13. There doesn’t need to be just one passion

With all this hype of having a passion and doing what you’re passionate about, a revelation which few people come across, is that you can have multiple passions.

Your life can be lived with multiple passions, doing multiple things with different outcomes in mind.

14. Live your plans, instead of postponing them for the future

You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or whether you’d be able to do something tomorrow or not. We end up planning for things 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, in the future.

Instead of thinking about the future, or postponing something for a later date in life, if you can live it today, if you can do it today, then why not experience that moment in your current phase of your life.

15. No matter how cruel the world gets, there’s always some hope out there to make it better

The world can be a bitter place, where everything that happens can seem for the worse. Whatever happens may seem why is it happening, it doesn’t make sense and why cannot one day go by without anything bad or cruel happening.

But, when you look closely, you will always find stories that are positive, that have a positive impact on the society, humanity, on the planet. And that fills you with hope that things will be better.

16. Everything about you can be changed

No matter how you feel or think about yourself in the moment, no matter what has happened in your past, do know that everything about you can be changed.

That change has to be brought onto yourself by you alone, you’re in charge. But yes, everything from your mindset, to your perspective and lifestyle, to your habits, each and everything about you can be changed.

17. Empathy and Gratitude are the center point of our lives

The two things that are never taught to us, but are life-changing and become the center point of our lives, when we understand them and practice them – empathy and gratitude.

We think communication solves problems, but it’s not communication, it’s empathy that’s the key. Having empathy helps you understand a certain point from the other person’s point of view, their perspective – why are they saying what they are saying or feeling.

Being grateful for everything about you and everything that you get to do and have helps you to understand everything that you have, whereas you thought you didn’t have anything and were chasing something exterior to fill that hole.

18. Things happen for a reason and you only realize it in hindsight

When things happen, knowingly or unknowingly, we wonder why! Why me? Why did this have to happen with me? At the time we only feel sad or distraught or clueless or some other emotion.

It’s only in hindsight do we realize, whatever happened, happened for a reason. That one speedbreaker actually led you to a better road or even a highway, but only in hindsight do we understand that.

19. Most of the problems in life are connected with your mindset and your lifestyle

Life full of problems, piling one after the other – whether emotionally, or in your relationships, or with work, or mentally or physically, or all of them – usually when you go to the roots of your problem, you understand that it’s usually connected with either your mindset, or your lifestyle, or both.

Taking a step before you notice anything – with your perspective, with your mindset, and your lifestyle, you can have an upper hand at your life, which will eventually help you grow and help you live a successful life.

20. Don’t waste time impressing others and living a life you don’t want to live

Quite often, we do things that has less to do with us and more to do with others. Either in the form of jealousy or comparisons or pride, we often pursue something or want its outcome or want an external object, just to impress others.

A want for them to realize what you have done or what you have got, and that will make you feel validated. But, alas, it’s an empty feeling, which has no meaning. Instead, you can live a life you want to life, do things you truly want, and accordingly make your decisions.

21. Those who cause hurt are themselves hurting too

When people try to bring you down, when they troll you, or make fun of you or bully you, its often because they themselves are hurt and it’s just an escapist approach they take to make themselves feel better.

Once we understand that, we start to not let those things impact us and simultaneously try to help them, in whatever form we can.

22. Writing is the best form of clarity you can get

Whether for yourself, or in the form of books or blogs, or something else, writing in general is the best form of therapy for yourself, an outlet, which gives you the best clarity you can get.

In that world of words, you write your thoughts, which leads to you having deeper thoughts, and you start connecting things and asking questions and forming a different perspective than before – all of which comes when you write.

23. Everyone has their own set of problems in life

No matter how wonderful does one’s life look, or at least one aspect of it (that you can see), each and every individual has their own set of problems.

Before thinking that your life is crappy and why is someone else’s life so beautiful, and before you start judging yourself or comparing yourself with others, also know that everyone (including you) have their own set of problems, that they are dealing with.

24. Real growth happens when you help others

Irrespective of how much you want or how much you already have, real growth happens when all of that learning and experience and success that you have received is used to help someone else.

Help doesn’t always need to be financial, and when you help someone else, that feeling, that growth which occurs within, you truly feel you have made a real impact onto the world.

25. Life is a Gift of its own

Crossing the odds of 400 trillion to 1, here we are, a human being on this planet. Life truly is a gift that we get to live, it’s everything we need and should want, never knowing if we would ever have such an experience again.
We chase our needs and wants, we chase status and fame, we chase recognition, and yet the truest gift is life itself – the place where all questions and answers end.

The biggest and best lesson I have ever been able to learn.


As you read this, I’d have turned 26 and Life continues. So much to live, so much to figure out, so much to learn and experience.

Hope this was something worthwhile.


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8 Yoda Learnings

8 Yoda Learnings

Whether its the Star Wars universe, or the Marvel universe, or even films in general, only when you look closely do you realize the lessons that can be learnt beyond the fiction and the story.

And when it comes to Star Wars, and Master Yoda in particular, you already know that there’s wisdom in what he says.

Thinking about that, here are eight Yoda quotes that we can learn from and actually apply to our lives as well.

1. “If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will.”

– the dark path is easy to understand, easy to rely on because everyone else is at fault there and not you. When you condition yourself to thinking that, every thought of yours goes only in one direction – the dark side.

2. “Pass on what you have learned.”

– the best impact is created when you pass on your learning and your knowledge onto others, when you share your experience with others. They’re able to learn from your journey and implement it in their lives.

3. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to Suffering.”

– what we fear is what we don’t control, we don’t know the outcome of. That fear leads to anger, thus leading to the negative side of life, filling your life with hate and suffering.

4. “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

– that what you’re attached to is where your thoughts and feelings, and moreover your weaknesses lie. When you let go of it, you are now not dependent on anything else.

5. “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

– in order to grow, in order to learn, in order to move forward, you cannot learn anything new unless you unlearn the old. Understanding what affects you poorly and getting rid of it gives way to the new.

6. “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.”

– every child at their age is carefree, thinking beyond what they’re told to do, reading between the lines, seeing the gray in black and white, until their mind becomes conditioned to what the rest of the society is. When we become that again, we are able to be ourselves, and be present in the moment too.

7. “Heeded my word not, did you? Pass on what you have learned – strength, mastery. But, weakness, folly, failure, also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is.”

– while the quote is similar to the previous one, that talks of teaching and this of failure, both spoken in two different scenarios, both having different meanings.

Whilst you should pass on your learnings ahead, you must not only share your successes and triumphs, but also your failures, because there lies the biggest lesssons that made you who you are. Those successes have come from failures, which we must not hide from.

8. “Do, or do not. There is no try”

– either you have set your mindset that you will do something or you have decided that you won’t do something. Anything else creates a doubt in your mind, which creates this hesitation of your decision. Be stern with what you decide and then stick with it.


There are tons of lessons to learn from Yoda and from the Star Wars universe too, but these were worthy of a highlight according to me, which we can focus on, for now.


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What is life teaching you?

What is life teaching you?

In every moment of your life, in every situation, in every instance, life teaches you something.

Only if you’re aware of what’s happening to you, can you be aware of these teachings.

These teachings can be in any phase of life, whether relationships, career, goals, finances, anything.

Teachings could be in the way of success or failure, there is a learning in both.

However, your ignorance and distractions can cause you to miss out on them, in turn missing out on your growth, your improvement, your evolution.

You live that moment of your life once, that particular learning happens once, if you learn from it, you can better yourself, if you miss it, it’s going to cost you and no one else.

Albeit if you’re aware, if you’re on the lookout for them, you can learn and understand and implement everything that life is trying to teach you; resulting in you becoming a better version of yourself.


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Learning from the wise

Learning from the wise

In life, there are some with a quest to learn.

When you learn, you improve, you evolve and eventually are able to become a better version of yourself.

And that happens only with the quest to learn.

A curiosity to know more, to experiment, to fail but to try.

Nonetheless, that learning is beneficial when you learn from the wise.

Not just financial-wise, but every other type of wise as well.

Someone who has walked the talk is also someone who knows what they talk and they are probably someone to learn from.

Also, it’d be a cherry on the top if this someone is a level or ten levels higher than you, because then you know about the path ahead as well.


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What if you already know it?

What if you already know it?

Do you think you know about something or multiple things and don’t need to know anything more about it?

When you hear something about it, the first thought that comes to your mind is that you already know it.

Is that a good sign?

That you already know it.

You don’t have to learn more about it then, is that right?

Well, if you look at it from a higher perspective, it comes down to this… When you know about something, either you’re the best at that certain something, you’re the go-to person for that.

If not, then you still have more to learn.

This thought that I already know it limits you from learning more, it limits you from improving yourself on that certain something, it limits you from exploring more and it limits your imagination.

What would be better, to learn more or to be stuck at a middle point where you feel you already know it?

Curiosity is good, exploration is good and to have a Mindset of constant learning is extremely beneficial for you and your mind as well.

It’s all connected.

It’s all connected.

What We Think
What We Say
How we Act
What we Eat
What we consume
What type of people do you attract around you
What goals do you want to pursue
Why do opinions bother me
Why do people compare
Why do people have egos
Why are people happy with materialistic things
Where does the real happiness lie
Why can’t you be happy right now
What is my purpose in life
What is life all about

It’s all connected.