What Songs Taught Us – #3 No Regrets

What Songs Taught Us – #3 No Regrets

• What Songs Taught Us •
Song In Focus : No Regrets
Artists : @kshmr @krewella @yves_v
🎵But I don’t wanna sacrifice the little things
That make life worth living, life worth living
So I roll like a stone
Hands up in the air (Hey)
I don’t wanna care
And I’ll die with no regrets🎵
Have you heard this inspirational track from KSHMR, Krewella and Yves V?

Such a beautiful track with lyrics that can be heard a million times, with a positive impact on life.

Often, to chase the big goals we have in life, we overlook the tiny, micro elements of our life. Something we would have cherished and enjoyed, but yet overlooked for the ‘to be achieved’ greater goals we have thought of.

How often have we stopped and been grateful to what we already have, what life has to offer and just enjoy these beauties.

Living a life with no regrets, whatsoever!

You are in love with the process, the day-to-day, living life to the fullest, accomplishing and enjoying every small thing in life, thus having no regrets of having missed anything.

Thank you for this song and the wonderful message that it is trying to send.