#2 of The Last 7 Days (16.03-22.03)

#2 of The Last 7 Days (16.03-22.03)

With another Sunday, here’s the second edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

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What To Read:

1. “31 Important Things You Should Say No to For a Happier Life” by Danny Forest.

It’s a pretty detailed article, a lot to learn from and full of value.

You can read it here.

2. Bill Gates took to Reddit to answer the community’s questions about the pandemic, the government response, and what the world can do to be better prepared.

Check it out here.

3. In this time of self-isolation, a lot of you wonder what do we do with our days, thinking about that and my previous thoughts on why isolation is always a good thing from time-to-time because of the ‘me’ time it provides you, I decided to write an article about it.

Titled ‘What to do in Self Isolation?‘, you can read the article here.

What To Listen:

1. A podcast called Business Wars with a pretty self-explanatory title focuses on different brand wars in their episodes.

One such series was on Facebook v Snapchat, a seven-episode series, which is quite insightful and should be heard if you’re interested in business.

I’m attaching the link for the first episode here.

2. Dr. Daniel Amen speaks on the most powerful habits for a healthy and productive brain with Jay Shetty.

This is such an incredible, mind-blowing episode, to add another thing here, he also talks about 11 things you should avoid for a healthy brain.

Check out the episode here.

3. Toto Wolff, one of the most successful team principals in F1 talks his journey from the business world to F1 on the Beyond the Grid Podcast.

Listen here.

(I haven’t heard this one yet, but he also spoke on Nico Rosberg’s podcast – Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg. It’s on my list, but if you’d like to listen to it, here’s the link.)

4. Kara Swisher (one of the best interviewers out there) interviews Andrew Yang on the Recode Decode Podcast and talks about his universal income idea, his current company and his future plans.

Listen to it here.


BONUS: I’ve curated my own Playlist on Spotify called ‘The R.A.M.A. Beats‘. It’s a curation of songs of Ranbir Kapoor (‘s films), Arijit Singh, Mohit Chauhan and Amit Trivedi.

I’ve come to this conclusion that the songs of these four artists can be heard anytime, anywhere, no matter what mood you’re in, they’re just perfect.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check out the playlist.

What To Watch:

1. Hotstar has a new show starring Kay Kay Menon called Special Ops, based on terror against India and the manhunt to find the mastermind behind the attacks.

I’m only mid-way through the series, but its going really well until now. Based on what I’ve seen, you should give it a try.

Watch it here.

2. Bill Gates had given a Ted Talk in 2015, on how we’re not ready for the next outbreak.

Give it a watch here.

3. Kenny Sebastian has started a new YouTube series, called Getting There where he is interviewing people who love what they do.

I just saw the first episode of the series where he talks to Alicia Souza about her passion and career in illustrating.

Here’s the link to watch it.

4. I came across this YouTube channel called Director’s Cut where in one of the videos, Christopher Nolan talks about Directing the Joker.

He talks about the process, the behind-the-scenes, the acting.

Give it a watch here.

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