Juggling your Set of Responsibilities

Juggling your Set of Responsibilities

Any individual has their life divided into multiple sectors, and every day they have to juggle between them – their personal life – includes self time, family/ friends time, house chores and personal chores, relaxation and or escapism time, and their professional life – includes their work timing, projects, deadline, etc.

Mostly it’s branched between the personal life and professional life, and a ton of sub sectors then get added to those two branches.

Every day, any individual has to juggle each set of those sectors, because with each sector comes a certain set of responsibilities as well.

Sometimes there’s a choice, and sometimes there are certain things that has to be paid attention to, and amidst all the daily chaos, the individual has to maintain the balance between their personal and professional life, and equally juggle between them and the set of responsibilities that are asked/ required for the particulars.

So is life, and along with all dreams and deadlines, also comes this juggling that has to be done.