#13 of The Last 7 Days (01.06-07.06)

#13 of The Last 7 Days (01.06-07.06)

With another Sunday, here’s the thirteenth edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. The untold story of Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, from those who lived it, read here.
  2. The fire Zuck started won’t stop at Facebook
    Check it out here.
  3. Where, exactly, is the edge of space? This was such an interesting read.

    Read it here.
  4. National Geographic has done a coverage on ‘Is it safe to travel now?’, covering all points from air travel to road trips and hotel stays and more.

    Read here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. Simon Sinek on how to play the infinite game, on the Jordan Harbinger Show.

    Listen here.
  2. Varun Duggirala, the host of Advertising is Dead, has started a new podcast ‘Useless Information with Varun Duggirala‘. The podcast is relatable, interesting and the fact that he speaks to people who are shaped by this “useless information” is inspiring. I heard the first episode with Rohan Joshi and this one is recommended.

    Go listen to it here.
  3. Pawan Rochwani, founder of Platform for Artists, speaks about ‘The Creative Burnout Problem & How to get Rid of it?‘ – it’s a relatable one and every creator should give this a listen.

    Check it out here.
  4. Chris Evans talks about his acting journey, turning down Captain America and more on The Hollywood Reporter’s Podcast, Awards Chatter.

    Check it out here.
  5. I came across a new podcast by Wondery, ‘The Daily Smile‘ and the name says it all, a podcast with a daily story filled with some goodness and happiness feels. The first episode was a good listen, ‘Drone Love‘.

    Listen to it here.

What To Watch:

  1. Jerry Seinfeld’s new standup, ‘Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill‘ is freaking hilarious, one hour of non-stop laughter.

    Give it a watch here. (P.S. Streaming on Netflix)
  2. Should we boycott Chinese products? Entrepreneur/ content creator Farheen Ahmad explains the Chinese strategies; Chinese economic machinations and geo-politics in this video.

    Watch here.
  3. Luke Coutinho on gut health, diseases and prevention.

    Watch it here.
  4. Do Reviews Matter? (ft Rajeev Masand, Sucharita Tyagi and Ankur Pathak) If you’re into movies, and read/ write reviews, give this a watch.

    Check it out here.
  5. Casey Neistat speaks on ‘What Black Lives Matter protests are really about?’ This video gives you a really good perspective on the whole situation.

    Give it a watch here.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.