It is easier to introspect than do

It is easier to introspect than do

We learn when we make mistakes, or when we educate ourselves.

But many a time, we read things here and there, thinking, ‘It definitely doesn’t sound this easy as it is written’.

So, the other option remains to make mistakes. However, you realize the mistakes or the learnings from them only in hindsight.

When you literally sit and introspect upon your life, what have you done, what does your mindset tell you, and what is it that you think should be next done.

During these sessions of introspection, you come upon moments of your life, where you regret some things, you learn from some things, you’re glad some moments happened, and vice versa.

With that introspection comes learnings, and you come out a wise person at the end of it. You feel you know more than before. You probably won’t make the same mistakes now. What’s next will be better than what happened.

But, sometimes it is easier to introspect (and learn) than do (it in reality). Irrespective of how much you may have evolved or learnt, it is difficult to implement all of it in real life, there’s no snap of a finger that changes everything.

It is a process, it is a practice… Particular moments drag you back to who you are and whom you don’t want to be anymore, but that realization only comes with introspection. Even if it is difficult to do, even if it is difficult to see that before and after, and even if you see those past glimpses before, at least you now have the awareness to realize those things (which didn’t happen before).