A day without Judgement

A day without Judgement

Every individual, since their childhood, is laden with the society narratives and biases and thus grows up to be someone who is in a constant comparison with everyone else.

That leads to judging others, at every moment, noticing their smallest of flaws (because eventually it makes you feel better).

Instead of noticing your strengths, you’re on a lookout for others’ failures. It unfortunately doesn’t lead anywhere, except you feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied all the time.

What can be done differently is to take a different approach to this altogether. Once you realize this mindset, then you can take steps to reform yourself. Sure, the results will not appear in a day, but the first step can surely be taken.

A day without Judgement

That is what I propose. Be on the lookout for every thought you have. Try to go on an entire day without judging anyone or anything (no judgements against real or fictional beings).

The moment you break the chain, note down what exactly was the judgement, how it made you feel and was it even necessary.

Now, try again tomorrow and try to go on even longer (until you can complete an entire day without a single ounce of judgement through your thoughts and words).

Good for me, not for you.

Good for me, not for you.

The issue in today’s times, especially with the trolls and heated debates comes down to this, which no one talks about.

What’s good for me, may not be good for you.

This could literally be about anything in life. Not just social media, but mainly that because nowadays everything boils down to that.

Along with social media, in your group conversations, in your work calls, in a networking event, literally anywhere offline and online, there could be something that’s good for somebody and might not be good for you.

There’s something for everyone out there.

Tastes differ.

Mindsets differ.

Wants differ.

Everyone cannot like the same thing. That is simply not possible.

However, when an individual understands that this thing is not good for me, but its not universally bad, its just not for me. When that happens, things literally change, for you and for others around you.

When that viewpoint changes, even your perspective of looking at things change.

One might say this is so simple to understand and yet we ignore it, something so simple that will reduce the hate and the trolling and the negative voices offline and online…

“What’s good for me, may not be good for you.”


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