The Thought Chain

The Thought Chain

Constantly studies are being conducted on this, but it is said that an individual has 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts in a day, a single day.

When you look upon this, it is imperative for every individual to figure out what they are thinking about, where those thoughts lead towards, and whether you should change the way you think or not.

Throwing more light upon the topic, not all of those thoughts fall under 60,000 separate topics, but rather fall under particular branches and go in depth of them.

Now, for a particular topic, one thought leads to another and another and goes deeper and deeper into that topic (also spending a certain amount of time on it).

Under such conditions, how you think, your process, what do you think about are important points to ponder upon, because in the macro, such thoughts are going to form your emotions, your actions will depend upon them, and ultimately your life will be based on all of that.

It all starts with your thoughts, one thought after another.