The versions of ourselves

The versions of ourselves

Quite often, all of us have multiple personas for different people, different situations and that is what we call our day-to-day versions of ourselves.

There’s one persona for your friends and family, there’s one for the public and the social media, there’s one for work and then there’s one for yourself.

Every version is different from the other and over time, you learn to swiftly switch between them, pertaining to the situation.

Every version takes something different out of you, and you usually aren’t the same between them.

But, out of all of them, the most important version is the one that you show yourself.

That persona needs to be the truest, so you can see who you really are, so you can accept yourself, and so you can live with yourself.

The other versions might have something extra, something that you portray for that version, adding a bit of spice and lies as well.

But it cannot be the same for yourself, because if that happens, then how will you ever recognise yourself.