Life in the Entrepreneurial sector vs Advertising sector

Life in the Entrepreneurial sector vs Advertising sector

The irony of life! Don’t get me wrong, ideation and execution both are important! What differs is their importance in specific circumstances!

Life in the Entrepreneurial sector,
Execution > Ideas.
– Ideas come occasionally. That’s the easy part!
– The idea with the most potential, the idea you are most passionate about, to work day in and day out, should be your priority.
– Once you narrow it down, the execution is the difficult and important part of this process.
– I’ve heard this so many times, when someone had an idea, but didn’t execute it because of various reasons. If the idea is legit, you have to execute. You have to try it.
– Once you begin, you won’t stop.

Life in the Advertising sector,
Ideas > Execution
– On the other hand, in the advertising industry, the execution matters 100 per cent. Whether your campaign is a success or not, whether you’ve reached to your audience and whether they received the message, you were trying to send, matters.
– At the same time, the idea is more important. Out of all the ideas, the idea chosen has the potential to get more results.
– The potential everyone saw in the idea, and scrapped the others for it says it all, ideas > execution.
What’s the purpose behind this post?
・Be aware of the life you’re living, and how everyday learning is affecting your life.
・Ideas matter, period. Execution matters, period.
・Focus on what’s important and don’t procrastinate by blaming either for your faults.


Do you have an idea?

Believe it or not, ideas are easy; what matters is the following,

  • What is your USP?
  • Is the plan sustainable?
  • Are you thinking from the long-term perspective or just turning a quick buck around?
  • What are your intentions?

Knowing these answers will help you reverse-engineer your idea’s potential and whether you should proceed with it.

All you need to do is, mix it with passion and execution, and you’re all set.