What you Eat

What you Eat

Right from what we eat to when we eat and how much we eat is something that’s either followed by tradition or media manipulation.

Tradition involves ancient, timeless wisdom, foods that come from mother earth, which benefit the mind, body, and soul.

Media manipulation involves stories that melt your heart, advertising that creates cravings and scientific experiments that make the food pop in your mouth.

But, that’s not all. An understanding of food is something that everyone needs to have, in order to have a good today and a good tomorrow.

What we eat affects your

– gut

– inflammation in the body

– immune system

– cells in the body

– energy levels

– emotions

– body alkalinity

When we understand how a certain food item affects your body, you automatically feel the need to remove it from your system, irrespective of how it tastes and how long you’ve been eating it for.

Also, note how I haven’t referred to body weight in the points above, as that is an outcome of irregularities in the above points.

You eat the right way to maintain your gut health, to keep your body alkaline and keep your body inflammation in check, to keep your immune system strong.

Losing weight is a by-product of a good lifestyle, which also allows to eat all the good things, without compromising on anything.


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