Two differentiating factors that make the content interesting

Two differentiating factors that make the content interesting

There has been a long debate on whether the short-form content is taking over the content creation game and whether the value of long-form content has disappeared.

When you look at Snapchat, when you look at TikTok and what those platforms did to content creation, and that wave was then joined by Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels and other platforms coming up with similar features.

Since those times, there has been a heavy debate whether an individual should create long-form content or not, and more over, whether anyone would consume such long-form content, or rather have the attention to consume it.

Is that the case though? And have we really shifted to a time where people’s attention cannot be captured for over 60 seconds?

There are two differentiating factors that set the content apart, with respect to the platforms and with respect to the attention of the consumer – motivation and an individual’s interests.

An individual’s interests is key here, because if they’re really interested and invested into that particular topic, then irrespective of the duration, they’ll consume it.

Secondly, those interests need to be mixed with motivation. Sure, one might be interested, but are they motivated enough to put in that time and energy into consuming it, not just once, but again and again from that same creator?

Those two differentiating factors, once thought about, set your approach differently, irrespective of what the trends say, irrespective of where the current attention is, any form of content and any duration of content will always be consumed.