Others & You

Others & You

Others win in life. So do you.
Others make mistakes. So do you.
Others do something wrong. So do you.

In life, we are always ready to point fingers at someone else, blame someone else, compare with someone else, and we are just not ready to take a look at ourself.

What are you doing? What mistakes are you making? What good are you doing? For yourself and for others?

Instead of just talking and thinking of others, their success, their failure, their mistakes, their right and wrong, its time we step up and look at ourselves first.

Check whether we are doing right before correcting someone else. Check whether our behaviour is right, before correcting someone else’s.

Time and again, everytime it’s others this, others that. And it just never ends. Now its time for you and you alone.


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Question the Default!

Question the Default!

As we live each day of our lives, as we grow, as a society we also become conditioned to do the same kind of things and in the same behavior.

Everyone is programmed to do the same thing in the cycle of life. Every age group is defined by the same set of responsibilities and same set of questions and requirements and pressure.

The bigger issue is everyone follows it tiptoe without blinking an eye.

To question the default is becoming an outcast in a group and the thought of doing so becomes scarier for an individual.

However, once you question the default is when life takes a turn for you.

That is the moment when you start noticing the pattern, you start observing the behavior, you start asking the right type of questions and you jump into an ocean of the unknown.

It gives you a thrill and also opens your eyes to the reality, where you realize things can be done differently, things can be done according to how you want them to be done, by you, for you.

No asks, no requirements, no pressure.

You now set a whole new pattern for you, a whole new thought process, you’re now the outcast in a group of outcasts, with all eyes on you, but you enjoy it, because it now gives you joy and a cheer you never had before.

All this happens, just by questioning the default.


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I’ve been meditating daily for 60 days now!

I’ve been meditating daily for 60 days now!

Meditation was something that was on my mind for a while, but I could just never start doing it then.In the last year or so, I may have done a couple of them, including a sound healing meditation (which was quite impactful), but it didn’t get implemented as a part of my lifestyle.I always knew its advantages, I had heard people’s stories of how it had changed them but sometimes things happen according to their own timings and you can never force them.Then the lock-down happened.That was the time when things within me changed, my perspective changed on a lot of things, and as things aligned together, it was as if the universe wanted me to start meditating at this time.On the 30th of March, 2020 was the first day of this streak – and I must say that the first day was groundbreaking in itself.What I experienced was something I had never thought of.And then, day after day, different kinds of meditation happened and I explored more and more, and different things ticked off.I experienced moments in my life which aren’t a part of my conscious thinking, I experienced my life from a different perspective, I started looking at things differently, I visualized different chapters of my life, different settings that changed the behavior in me.To share in detail, what it does to you, here’s how I see it -Simply put, it helps you to align your mind and your body and be still.It allows you to silence your thoughts and just be, not thinking about the next task, not thinking about your worries etcIt allows you to focus on your breathing patterns – which thus helps in relaxation, more energy, more calmness, more peace.It brings inner peace within you.It allows you to let go of things that hold you back.It also helps in visualization of memories, goals, conversations, nature – whatever you want it to be.There’s a lot that can be done.Meditation then and now, is a whole different experience for me, such an essential part of life that is again never taught to us in the way we live.To experience this, you have to take that leap and change your life is how I see it.And there’s just advantages to it.Today will be Day 63, to be technically right and I look forward to my meditation time now, more than anything.

Ready to ‘Zazz Your Life?’

Ready to ‘Zazz Your Life?’

We are now @zazzyourlife on Instagram, previously Live The Zazz Life.

What’s the mission?

We want you to take the control of your life in your hands, instead of being dependent on anyone else to provide the answers.

We want you to ZAZZ your life on your own!

What do we mean by zazz?
Well, it’s making your life more unique and awesome than before.

How do we do that?
By changing how we think, how we communicate, how we react, our habits, our goals, our purpose, how to upgrade yourself to a better version, what to eat, what to drink, what not to do and the why behind everything.

Once we learn this and once we learn to rewire our brain, we upgrade ourselves to a better and improved version of ourselves than before. That is adding the zazz to our life.

Not to forget, only you can do it. Nobody else. Not us, surely. We are just the medium in this equation.

So, are you ready to zazz your life?
Embark on this new journey with us.

It’d be deeply appreciated if you would also share our page with your loved ones so all of us can then grow together in this journey.

Here’s the link – https://www.instagram.com/zazzyourlife

Every human is different

Every human is different

Every human being, irrespective of their caste, creed, age, sex and DNA, are different.

In terms of what?

Their journeys.

Their goals.

Their thoughts.

Their emotions.

Their problems.

Their accomplishments.

Literally, everything is different for everyone.

Then why is it that one compares them with someone else, one aspires to be like someone else, one says I’m just not like the other person.

How are these things even possible when every human on this planet is different from each other.

Each unique in their own way.

The system doesn’t work that way because the system won’t be able to operate if everyone started thinking that way and that’s the problem we don’t realize.

However, if there’s one takeaway from this, that we should take for the rest of our lives is this…

Every human is different.

Stumbling upon

Stumbling upon

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of self-improvement, you never know you needed to improve.

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of positivity, you never know you needed it.

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of growth, you never know you wanted to grow.

This is such an interesting game of choice and chance.

Sometimes you stumble upon something by chance, and sometimes by choice.

Either ways, if you get the chance to stumble upon it, appreciate it.

It’s a path that you always wanted to walk on, but never knew you wanted to.

Too much baggage

Too much baggage

Do you feel that pressure on your shoulders?

I think its because, all of us, carry a lot of baggage along with us.

Wherever we go.

Baggage of emotions.

Baggage of opinions.

Baggage of negativity.

Everyday it gets heavier and heavier.

If that bag is not emptied bit by bit, it’ll reach a weight where it wouldn’t be possible to carry it anymore.

More than that, it would actually stop you from moving forward.

Let’s have a look at what’s inside that bag and try emptying it bit by bit.

The First Lesson Nature Teaches Us

The First Lesson Nature Teaches Us

Nature teaches us a lot of lessons, there’s legit so much to learn. However, do you know the first and the most important lesson that it teaches us?

Nature gives.

It gives and gives!

And asks nothing in return.

It’s purpose is to serve.

That’s the ultimate lesson to learn.

The world we live in, everyone knows how to take. Even if someone gives, there’s always some intent to take in some way or possible.

That pure intention of give, give and give is rare, extremely rare.

But, also our purpose.

Which, coincidentally also gives us happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.

You are always in control.

You are always in control.

You’re always in control of your thoughts, your actions, your behaviour, your emotions, your habits, your goals and your happiness.

There’s always an external factor in play, an external factor – at times bigger than you and your life.

Can you let it influence you or your thoughts or your emotions?

Once you set the baseline, that I’m the one in control of my thoughts, then no external factor can influence your thought process.

That same logic is then applied to your emotions, your habits, more importantly, to your happiness as well.

How do you be in control?

With practice. Understanding the difference when you are in control and when you are not.

Understanding the factors that bring the change in you.

Pushing yourself everytime you notice that change.

That requires self-awareness as well as the will power that you do want to do so.

The power to bring change comes from within.

It’s always up to you, and remember that you’re always in control.

Health, First.

Health, First.

There is nothing, literally nothing in life that comes ahead of your health.

There can never be anything important for which you could risk your health.

You have to take care of it and also, the health of everyone else around you (not to forget, your actions shouldn’t lead to others’ health getting affected in the first place)

If your health isn’t right, then what is even the point of anything else for which you were risking it.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

#2 of The Last 7 Days (16.03-22.03)

#2 of The Last 7 Days (16.03-22.03)

With another Sunday, here’s the second edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

I’ve been told my choices are pretty good to consume and I should share them with everyone, so you don’t have to just browse through.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

1. “31 Important Things You Should Say No to For a Happier Life” by Danny Forest.

It’s a pretty detailed article, a lot to learn from and full of value.

You can read it here.

2. Bill Gates took to Reddit to answer the community’s questions about the pandemic, the government response, and what the world can do to be better prepared.

Check it out here.

3. In this time of self-isolation, a lot of you wonder what do we do with our days, thinking about that and my previous thoughts on why isolation is always a good thing from time-to-time because of the ‘me’ time it provides you, I decided to write an article about it.

Titled ‘What to do in Self Isolation?‘, you can read the article here.

What To Listen:

1. A podcast called Business Wars with a pretty self-explanatory title focuses on different brand wars in their episodes.

One such series was on Facebook v Snapchat, a seven-episode series, which is quite insightful and should be heard if you’re interested in business.

I’m attaching the link for the first episode here.

2. Dr. Daniel Amen speaks on the most powerful habits for a healthy and productive brain with Jay Shetty.

This is such an incredible, mind-blowing episode, to add another thing here, he also talks about 11 things you should avoid for a healthy brain.

Check out the episode here.

3. Toto Wolff, one of the most successful team principals in F1 talks his journey from the business world to F1 on the Beyond the Grid Podcast.

Listen here.

(I haven’t heard this one yet, but he also spoke on Nico Rosberg’s podcast – Beyond Victory with Nico Rosberg. It’s on my list, but if you’d like to listen to it, here’s the link.)

4. Kara Swisher (one of the best interviewers out there) interviews Andrew Yang on the Recode Decode Podcast and talks about his universal income idea, his current company and his future plans.

Listen to it here.


BONUS: I’ve curated my own Playlist on Spotify called ‘The R.A.M.A. Beats‘. It’s a curation of songs of Ranbir Kapoor (‘s films), Arijit Singh, Mohit Chauhan and Amit Trivedi.

I’ve come to this conclusion that the songs of these four artists can be heard anytime, anywhere, no matter what mood you’re in, they’re just perfect.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check out the playlist.

What To Watch:

1. Hotstar has a new show starring Kay Kay Menon called Special Ops, based on terror against India and the manhunt to find the mastermind behind the attacks.

I’m only mid-way through the series, but its going really well until now. Based on what I’ve seen, you should give it a try.

Watch it here.

2. Bill Gates had given a Ted Talk in 2015, on how we’re not ready for the next outbreak.

Give it a watch here.

3. Kenny Sebastian has started a new YouTube series, called Getting There where he is interviewing people who love what they do.

I just saw the first episode of the series where he talks to Alicia Souza about her passion and career in illustrating.

Here’s the link to watch it.

4. I came across this YouTube channel called Director’s Cut where in one of the videos, Christopher Nolan talks about Directing the Joker.

He talks about the process, the behind-the-scenes, the acting.

Give it a watch here.

There’s a lot of valuable stuff for you to consume. If you’d like to discuss further, do reply here, via mail or on Instagram @rth24 or Twitter @rth_24.

If you’d like to receive the further editions of this weekly series via mail, hit me up.

You can check out the first edition of this series – here.