The January 1st pressure

The January 1st pressure

As far as traditions go, or what we as the society start following and then calling them traditions, the worst one of them is the January 1st plans.

All new year resolutions, rather than starting them early and having an upper hand on your plans, or rather than having the perspective that you have the entire year to do these resolutions, most of us, plan everything for January 1st.

That is what I call the January 1st pressure.

In the hype of starting fresh or doing something new on the first day of the new year, we plan a lot of things for this one day.

And now you’ve created this pressure for yourself, to do all of this or your year won’t have the start you were looking for. And when you were able to do only half of it, or for some people, none of it, is when you get disappointed and frustrated and you carry that emotions for the next few days or weeks as well.

Instead, understand that a new year means you have 365 days to start what you want, to change what you want, and even now, you can have a upper hand to those 365 days and start with your plans right now itself.

It’s all about perspective to not focus everything on just one day and to rather enjoy that fresh, new day, looking at the entire year for your growth and learning and new habits and developments that you were looking for.

Let’s welcome 2021 with that perspective.


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Small Things!

Small Things!

We always wonder it’s the big steps that we take that have the biggest impact in our life.

However, it’s actually the opposite.

It’s a curious one and we never stopped to wonder why.

In reality, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact in life.

Let’s map out three different scenarios that would explain this in the best possible way.

Scenario A –
A person wants to become fit and they say in order to so, they’d have to do intense workouts, go on a diet and probably do ‘x’ to reach that goal. A month later, nothing has changed.
However, if that person changes the perspective from the big changes to the small changes, then they would proceed by making a schedule, fitting in the workout time, readying the clothes beforehand and actually starting from day one to begin this process.

Scenario B –
A person, with quite some difficulties in their life, now thinks that they should turn to the path of positivity and leave out the toxicity behind. They wonder that this path would change their life and solve the issues.
However, in order to so, it’s the small things like thinking positive thoughts, having a positive self-talk, not undermining themselves or others are the micro ways to do so, for the bigger impact to happen.

Scenario C –
A person has an idea, that if scaled quickly can become a game-changer and even change people’s lives. Even if the efforts are appreciated, it’s the small things like arranging a team, plotting/ executing the initial work, showing the initial sales that would change things around.

No matter the situation, no matter how personal or professional, it’s always the small things, either in terms of planning, living, executing, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact in our lives. Always!