How can you have a good 2021?

How can you have a good 2021?

We approach every year with a certain set of expectations, hoping for the year to live up to that level.

We had the same approach for 2020 as well and it took all of us by surprise and literally changed our lives.

However, here’s where it gets tricky though.

In terms of the magnitude of change, this year (2020) sure was a roller-coaster of a ride, but to think of it, not in the same magnitude level, but every year brings with it, its own set of ups and downs.

Enough ups and downs to break your expectations, with you ending up moulding yourself to those and making changes accordingly.

And, that is life.

The expectations we set are always uprooted by something or the other, and what sets us apart is how we then respond to those changes and mould ourself to them.

With such a perspective, when you understand this, then you also get to a point that 2021 could be better than 2020, but it would still have its own set of ups and downs.

And thus, we should not have any special expectations from the year, only to end up feeling disappointed or frustrated that things didn’t turn out like we expected.

Instead, approaching the year with an open mindset, with a plan in place, but also ready when things go haywire. That way, you’re ready for everything 2021 has to offer and you’re prepared for it (mentally).


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