Pieces of the Puzzle

Pieces of the Puzzle

If you already have all the pieces of the puzzle, why haven’t you solved the puzzle yet?

Or probably you don’t have all the pieces yet, or how about none?

Would you accept that though?

Sometimes overconfidence and arrogance takes over our emotions and we feel/ show we have the pieces already, basically being a know it all.

In reality, its clouding our own mind and limiting our growth.

When you aren’t ready to accept that you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, it is you who will be affected, no one else.

Your path, your journey, your goals.

It takes the removal of your ego and the acceptance that you have yet to grow, when you also accept you need the other pieces to complete your puzzle.

Then, help shall be given to you when you ask for it. You shall receive the other pieces, the knowledge you seek, the tools you need.

You’ll then truly be able to have all the pieces. It’s a process, it’s a journey, you can’t have it all in a day, but you need to be ready to accept them too.


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Walking the path of the unknown!

Walking the path of the unknown!

What is life, if not a path of the unknown, you may plan it ahead, but you never know what may happen.

No matter how safely you choose your path or how you emulate someone else’s path, everyone’s journey is their own.

Their own set of thoughts, actions, goals, difficulties and accomplishments.

When everything is unique to you, there is no knowing of what’s ahead, even if you compared it with someone else.

It’s a beautiful path to be on, full of adventure and no sight of what’s at the end.

No amount of planning can interpret the pits you’d be falling into or even how many.

There’s only one thing that can be done on the path of the unknown, and i.e. to be prepared for it.

When you improve yourself, your skills, your knowledge, your response to life, is when you become prepared for the unknown.

Instead of facing the issue and not knowing what to do, to some extent, you’re now able to prepare yourself for it.

If not with a proper solution, at least emotionally or mentally, so when the moment arises, you can be ready for it, you can be ready to face it. You won’t be in a situation of hopelessness or for the lack of a better word, be clueless.

Life is walking on the path of the unknown and you can only prepare yourself for it, with all tools and weapons at your disposal.



I have a daily podcast too, Mindset Marketing Movies – an RTH24 podcast – daily digestible episodes on mindset, marketing and movies.

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