Taking a Step Back

Taking a Step Back

Sometimes the solutions to the most difficult problems are really simple.

But, being in the driving seat, we don’t realize this. With a rush to solve our problems, we go on a path, head-on introducing more problems than before.

And more problems start piling up. In this turmoil, we don’t know what to do and we blame everything else around us, but ourselves.

Instead, a better option is to take a step back, observe and analyze everything. Perceive everything from a third eye and then execute your next move.

Now you’re prepared. Now you know what to do.


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But my problems aren’t that bad…

But my problems aren’t that bad…

Have you ever had a problem that made you feel you stressed or anxious along with a wonder as to how would you solve it?

At such a time, the mind boggles down into spiraling thoughts and provides us with imaginations of different scenarios making us feel more panicky.

Sometimes, people then realize that these problems aren’t that bad when they compare to someone else’s larger problem at hand which is much graver than theirs.

Now, that isn’t bad at all. That’s a good way to think, it helps you get rid of the stress and anxiousness of that smaller problem (in hindsight) of yours and helps you regain focus of your life.

However, this thought that my problem isn’t bad can be troublesome too.

How and why?

Well, not that it isn’t good to scale down your problem with that other larger problem, but at the end of it, that problem, whatever it is, still is one for you, no matter what.

Only you have temporarily gotten rid of its effects by altering your thinking.

What can you do differently then?

Well, getting to its roots and understanding why it is a problem for you is a really good scenario from a micro and a macro perspective of life.

Once you solve one issue of yours, you then become capable of handing the other issues as well, those that affect you, and on top of that, you then come into a situation wherein those kinds of problems won’t have that kind of an effect on you anymore. Because now your mind knows that you’re capable of handling it, rather than getting rid of it temporarily.

Another counter point here could be that, it’s so easier to say to get to the bottom of it, but how easy it is when the moment arises. That may be true, but it doesn’t change the equation that if the problem is a solvable one, then you just need to get a practice of that calmness and patience to understand it and to deal with it.

Having both types of thought processes is good for you, one will get you the perspective and the other will solve it for you. The balance of both will come with practice and perspective and will give you a skill you may have not had before, or rather improved you at it.


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