A day without learning

A day without learning

For someone who is obsessed with learning,

To learn, not particularly academically, but any form of learning, especially with the amount of content available on the internet, via audio, video or text, one can learn anything and anywhere, whatever topic they’re interested in.

Not obsessed per se, but who particularly looks back at the end of the day and notices what they’ve learnt, what are the takeaways from those learnings,

For someone like that, a day without learning is noticeable like a snap of a finger.

What if the day goes by and you didn’t get the time to learn something new and add something to your reservoir of knowledge?

But can a day really go without learning?

There could have been an experience with something, a conversation with someone, a thought in your head, that made you think… That made you ideate more… That was something new to learn.

Can a day really go by without learning, if you are really looking forward to learning something new?

Learning Happens Everywhere

Learning Happens Everywhere

If someone wants to truly learn, where’s the best place to do so?

But, the right question to ask is, what can I learn from this very thing that happened with me? (it can be anything that you just did)

The beauty about learning is that it happens anywhere and everywhere. You could be talking to someone and learning. You could’ve just read a tweet ot watched a video and learnt from it. You could’ve made a mistake and learnt from it.

Every moment, when carefully observed, has something to teach. Only if we are ready to look in that direction and gather some takeaway from it.

Learning beyond Academics

Learning beyond Academics

Most think that, once the academic education is done, their learning is complete and they have everything they need.

Is that the case though?
In order to upgrade your skills, in order to be updated with your field, you need to constantly keep learning and evolving.

This, obviously applies as a whole to your personal life, there’s no doubt about it. However, it applies to your professional life as well, your field of work.

You don’t have to drop everything to do it. With the advancement of technology, you have more access to experts than ever. Whether in terms of courses, or webinars, you are now able to constantly learn and improve and evolve.

Do you want to, is a choice that you have.


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The beauty of learning

The beauty of learning

The beauty of a certain topic is there is so much to learn about it.

The beauty of learning is that it is never enough.

No matter how much you know about a certain something, there is always so much depth in everything that one can never know enough.

It is only when you truly want to learn, and start looking at things from different perspectives, is when you understand this depth as well.


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What is life teaching you?

What is life teaching you?

In every moment of your life, in every situation, in every instance, life teaches you something.

Only if you’re aware of what’s happening to you, can you be aware of these teachings.

These teachings can be in any phase of life, whether relationships, career, goals, finances, anything.

Teachings could be in the way of success or failure, there is a learning in both.

However, your ignorance and distractions can cause you to miss out on them, in turn missing out on your growth, your improvement, your evolution.

You live that moment of your life once, that particular learning happens once, if you learn from it, you can better yourself, if you miss it, it’s going to cost you and no one else.

Albeit if you’re aware, if you’re on the lookout for them, you can learn and understand and implement everything that life is trying to teach you; resulting in you becoming a better version of yourself.


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What if you already know it?

What if you already know it?

Do you think you know about something or multiple things and don’t need to know anything more about it?

When you hear something about it, the first thought that comes to your mind is that you already know it.

Is that a good sign?

That you already know it.

You don’t have to learn more about it then, is that right?

Well, if you look at it from a higher perspective, it comes down to this… When you know about something, either you’re the best at that certain something, you’re the go-to person for that.

If not, then you still have more to learn.

This thought that I already know it limits you from learning more, it limits you from improving yourself on that certain something, it limits you from exploring more and it limits your imagination.

What would be better, to learn more or to be stuck at a middle point where you feel you already know it?

Curiosity is good, exploration is good and to have a Mindset of constant learning is extremely beneficial for you and your mind as well.