One Plus One equals

One Plus One equals

The sooner we learn this as a society, the better we’ll be able to perform, the better we’ll be able to build relationships and the better we’ll be able to grow together.

When you ask someone,

What does one plus one equal to?

What do you think the answer is?

Someone might say, the answer is 2.

Someone might say, the answer is 3.

Someone might say, 11. They might.

Someone could answer something else, I’m not even sure of the options now.

The bottom line being, everyone has a different understanding of things, and their answers will be different too.

Not everyone will answer the same together.

That’s what we need to understand.

That and one more thing…

Not everyone wants to know the correct answer nor your explanation of it.

They’re happy with their answer irrespective of it being right or wrong.

Being right is subjective and for them, they are right.

The problem arises when two parties say we are right at the same time and then try to explain why they are.

Things escalate when they say the other is wrong.

I don’t want to say what is right or wrong here, only the understanding of it.

Empathy is the answer!

Empathy is the answer!

When you’re able to empathise with another person,
their perspective,
their situation,
their problems

you not only broaden your relationship with the people around you;

But you also open your mind to more possibilities and more opportunities.

And that helps you win not only in your personal life but your professional life as well.

Empathy is always the answer.

“Empathy has got me so much more, so much farther in not only my life, but in my career.” – Ryan Reynolds