Two Lifestyles and a Choice

Two Lifestyles and a Choice

Living a certain kind of a lifestyle is a choice – one that cannot be changed in a day, but certainly requires a strong mindset and a definitive assertion of choice to do so.

To live one is normal, to change that completely and form a new one shows that you’re ready for change and you’re ready to step up, to evolve.

Drawing my own story to explain this further, having lived two completely opposite lifestyles – having seen the advantages and disadvantages of each of those lifestyles, of course I’ve drawn a number of conclusions from either of them.

Where one gives you the comfort, but also doesn’t allow you to grow and the other one definitely takes efforts and time, but also gives you comfort and growth, both.

Where one wasted a lot of time, another asks for more investment but gives that much return on investment too.

Where one allowed you to spoil your mind and body, another helps you in building a strong one and helps you to take care of them.

In terms of both of these lifestyles, having done a lot of experimentations of what works and what doesn’t – for me…

Now, I choose to not live a life without

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • clean eating
  • gratitude practice
  • conscious positivity
  • stillness
  • spirituality

– each of those things and more have their own value, their importance – their impact on the mind, body and soul.

It all comes from experimentations and practice – reading or having pre-conceived notions about anything won’t help unless you try something practically on yourself and see the difference.

Understand what works for you and what doesn’t, what is helping you grow and evolve and what doesn’t. You’d agree that, life is about becoming a better version of yourself.


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