Out of Options

Out of Options

At times we feel we’re out of options. We don’t know what to do. We don’t know how to proceed. It feels like a dead-end.

Everything roots from somewhere and where this particular issue roots from the kind of perspective an individual has… and even though the approach of looking at things can be changed, that is something which can be done on a macro level.

But for someone who hasn’t started that process yet, or hasn’t realized the issue in the first place, what can they do in that particular moment (when they face the issue at hand)?

Just keep an open eye – it’s as simple as that.

All options look closed because we are approaching the situation from that straight-door perspective, thinking the answer will be right in front of us, and we don’t have to look anywhere else.

But at that moment, when you remember to keep an open eye, what you’ll do is not just look for one answer or one path to solving the situation. You’ll now approach with a 360-degree view, keeping your options open, noticing everything, and then coming to a conclusion of what can be done.

And just like that, as time passes, this single smallest step of keeping an open eye will broaden your perspective and ultimately change how you approach things in life (without going for a 5-step program or anything).