When you’re doing it for yourself, then there’s no time limit

When you’re doing it for yourself, then there’s no time limit

Deadlines haunt us in the past, present, and future. They create a panic within us, making us overthink, sometimes makes us take shortcuts and moreover, make us focus on the outcome than the process.

Where does this urgency come from? Quite often, it originates from pride or ego, when you have got to prove something or you find the need to be better than someone else. Another aspect of this urgency comes when you’re on someone else’s timeline.

However, when you truly do something for yourself, no strings attached, then there’s no pressure, there’s no timeline.

It originates from a place just because you want to do it. No external circumstances. No shortcuts. No ego. No pride. No urgency. More focus on the process and enjoying it.

When you’re doing it for yourself, then there is no need for a timeline, as long as you enjoy that investment you’re putting in. As long as you want to put in that investment.


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335 – #Tranquility

335 – #Tranquility

“A happy life consists in tranquillity of mind.” — Cicero.

We must find the calmness we desire within ourselves.

Yes, within ourselves.

In our minds!

How can we do that?

Well, we can use different processes as a catalyst to reach that point.

It could be walking in a park, meditating, listening to music, gazing at the sky, travelling somewhere, relaxing with the ocean as a view or anything else that gives you that composure.

You know where you’d have that peace of mind.

That peace of mind is long-term, not temporary, so think of a catalyst which you can rely on from time to time.

Once you have understood this calmness, once you have felt it, once you know the catalyst, then comes practice.

Practice keeping your mind at ease; in every easy and difficult situations.

That’s how the growth in life happens!

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” — Wayne W. Dyer.