Either you find out or someone points it out

Either you find out or someone points it out

Change is an essential part of life. It happens sooner or later. It happens voluntarily or involuntarily, that choice remains with you, but it happens.

But where does it usually originate from?

– Either you find out (something about yourself and you decide to change that certain something)

– Or, someone points it out to you (and then it clicks you)

It usually originates from these two key factors, which then further leads to a number of steps that evolve into a before and after change.

Expanding into those two factors, how does an individual find something out?

That itself originates from two factors, one, you’re on a path of becoming self aware and want to improve at certain areas of your life.

Second, either through any kind of an interaction with an individual or a certain event that took place becomes the catalyst that then evolves into you thinking about change.

Or if not by yourself, then a few fortunate people have closed ones around them who look out for them and are then willing to point out when something about you is bothering them or something that needs to be looked into.

Others, well, there are times when someone’s boss or a colleague, or a professor, or on social media, where someone who doesn’t know you personally will point out something and that is when you find out about something.

Either or, when you keep your eyes open, you will constantly find clues which tell you something about yourself, which become this catalyst of change. Only if you’re ready to look though.