Change doesn’t happen from 0 to 1

Change doesn’t happen from 0 to 1

How many times can you recollect changing something about yourself? Could be some aspect of your life, could be a minor thing or a major thing.

How many times have you thought it’s taking too long? Or you might have thought that the results aren’t appearing at all?

We sometimes feel that we are the same even after putting in a ton of efforts.

It is because our primary focus is to see that change happen from 0 to 1, and we can’t wait to see that 1 and be joyous about it.

But, in all those thoughts, we forget that change doesn’t happen from 0 to 1.

The process isn’t so easy, the results don’t come so soon, and it takes a lot of time and patience too.

However, the biggest factor that we have to realize in all of this is… Change occurs from 0 to 0.1 to 0.2 and so on.

When you’re on that path of change, we have to focus on the smallest of wins, and those wins are the tiniest of things you have acknowledged, learnt, implemented, experimented with and will now see the outcome of it too.

That is the real change, when you are in the process, when you notice how you rose from 0 to 0.1 and you notice the fruits of your efforts, knowing the fact that it’s going to take a while to reach that 1.