Building your Reputation

Building your Reputation

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Building your brand is building your reputation – you build it brick by brick. Stone by stone.

It takes a good number of years to do so. Sometimes even more.

You build it with the work you do, the results you get, the relationships you make, the deeds you do outside of work as well. What kind of a person you are, how do you deal with others, what kind of impact are you bringing to the table, what value are you providing – everything counts as reputation – everything counts as the brand.

When you say you’re building a personal brand, its not just about posting content on social media under your name. It’s not limited to designing a logo or creating fancy content.

You are building your brand at every moment of time, with everyone around you. It’s everything that is mentioned above that makes your personal brand.

Said that the online platforms are considered a major factor in the process because, with the access to the people and tools, it is easier than ever for you to spread your work, to spread your word, to spread your impact.

That is why building a personal brand is key, but only if you want to build yourself to that level, your reputation to that level, and bring that kind of impact on the table.


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