Headlines, Social Media and YouTube Thumbnails

Headlines, Social Media and YouTube Thumbnails

What’s common between news headlines, social media and YouTube thumbnails?

The common factor is ‘clickbait’.

Catchy headlines that grab your attention and make you click on it.

With time, it has gotten so much worse that the headline is hyped to a level where the content within isn’t matching even one-tenth of it.

That is not just upon the one posting it, but also the one consuming it.

The audience never understood, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ and ended up doing the opposite of it.

Someone with knowledge and skills to share, but couldn’t catch your attention. And someone who knew how to write headlines ended up taking away your time but didn’t provide you with any value.

If you notice, the headlines have gotten so much worse, whether it’s the news, or the social media – publishers and creators, including the YouTube videos.

Now the only intent is to grab your attention and increase the time spent on the content, value isn’t cared for anymore.

It’s not all bad, there are some players fighting the good fight, but they are often left unseen in a world of headlines.

How to change that and bring value back, is something that the people, the audience can play a role in. Instead of going for content that doesn’t serve them or instead of going for content with literally, no value, start asking for more. And not more quantity, but more quality.

It shouldn’t be about the headlines, but about the content, the value within.

Your time is being spent, your attention is being used, why not use it wisely?


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