Worked or not, Gratitude is constant

Worked or not, Gratitude is constant

A learning which developed over time, with practice, mistakes and experience.

A learning that has been one of the biggest for me.

I’m grateful for everything good that happened to me, but also grateful for the other things that didn’t work out for me.

Everything that didn’t work out for me lead to better things in my life or even if not, made me realize the flaws in the path I was initially set to take.

Once you begin to understand that, you understand why you need to be grateful for everything that happens to you, the importance of that gratitude and what that perspective does to you.


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Starting your Day with a Message

Starting your Day with a Message

There are a ton of distractions throughout our day that makes us lose our focus and keep us occupied elsewhere.

Whenever you start your morning, instead of checking your messages/ emails/ notifications and focusing on what other people want you to focus on, how about you shift it to yourself?

How about you start your day with a message of gratitude that you’re alive, you get to live and conquer another day?

How about you plan your own day’s work instead of checking what other people are working on?

Changing your approach changes the tone of your day as well, it changes your perspective, your control, your focus over your day.

Focusing on yourself now gives you the power to choose what you want to focus on, what you want to spend time on and allows you to be in the moment.


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Valuing what you have!

Valuing what you have!

Have you noticed something? There’s so much that we do, in our day-to-day lives, that we almost don’t realize the importance of so many of those things.

It’s always the same scenario – looking at the bigger picture, and looking at what’s bigger than what we currently have and then chasing that.

We don’t value the important things because we take it for granted. This doesn’t apply to just things, but to people, our friends, family, the work we do, the stuff we have, the food we eat, everything.

We realize the importance of the minute things when we don’t have them.

Having a Mindset like this also results in something like this – you’re always chasing, running after the next thing and not enjoying what you currently have. You’re not able to cherish that moment.

If you change that, then you’ll be happy now, with what you have, who you have and what you’re able to do.

Try valuing what you have, and realize it’s importance before its too late.

Switching off and on the features of your life!

Switching off and on the features of your life!

Its time to switch on and switch off some of your life features too, daily.

Always be Kind to everyone around you, everyone. Kindness wins in the long-term.

Have empathy towards others. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives – you have no idea why they are doing what they are doing, you have no idea why they are saying what they are saying. There’s always another perspective.

Judging others never helps anyone and always wastes your time too. It’s time to grow up, stay in your lane and focus on yourself. Live and let live.

Most importantly, be grateful for everything that you have. Gratitude even for the smallest thing makes you realize it’s importance!

Switching on and off a few features of your life makes such a huge difference – you’ll be glad now and in the future that you made these changes!