RTHReviews : Godzilla vs Kong

RTHReviews : Godzilla vs Kong

We are living in 2021, an age where technology is rapidly advancing and if there is one thing that should be done right, that’s the VFX. Does Godzilla vs Kong deliver on that front, let’s find out.

Firstly, right off the bat, one can directly watch this film as a one-off and still get entertained, but to feel the depth of the characters and the story, it’d be suggested to watch Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (in that order) before you hop on to watch this.

Now, if you’ve seen those films, and then compare them with this, you’d notice that Godzilla vs Kong lacks a lot of depth, there’s no emotional connection with any of the human characters and the film ends up being too straightforward to watch. There’s this, there’s that and now watch the action – that’s the gist of the film. What keeps you tied up is the buildup of Kong and Godzilla from the previous films that keeps you going here.

All in all, what comes out of the film is that whether you’re a human, a creature, or a machine, everyone’s got an ego and everyone wants to be at the top.

Where does the movie actually deliver? VFX. That part they have done right and a good job at that. Whenever those action scenes pop up, or they take you to a location, it was a delight to watch the scenes.

Conclusively, you watch the film for the action and that’s it. There’s not much of a story that keeps you interested. Whose the winner of the film? Intellectual Property.

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