Getting back on track

Getting back on track

Life’s about ups and downs. When there’s an up, there’s a down as well. That is applicable to macro life, and micro to the days as well.

Some habits you love, some you want to get rid of. Some things you’re able to check off the list, some you aren’t able to.

And sometimes those micro downs get you down, with a feeling that you didn’t do it (when you could’ve), with a feeling of what now…

Sometimes you can’t do anything about it… Sometimes you have a bigger agenda to follow and you lose a track of those things…

But it is when you get back on track, that action, that feeling is something else. It gets you in the mood, it gets you in your groove. You feel like you were missing the action and now you’re back.

There’s nothing like getting back on track, when your mind is set to it, when you’re looking forward to it and you execute it.