Staying neutral is picking a side

Staying neutral is picking a side

There are two sides to a coin. For and against. People are on the either side of it, either for or against, and very rarely (if not, never) would you see everybody on just one end of the coin.

So, according to what is right to us, we pick a side and then voice our opinions towards it, or moreover live by that side. (now this applies to a numerous amount of things)

What happens when you don’t pick a side? When you choose to stay silent? When you want to stay neutral?

The bigger question is, is that possible?

If not by words, then by action, and if not by action, then by thought, everyone chooses a side.

Due to mainly fear, or with a lack of acceptance, or not wanting to be seen choosing a particular side, one stays neutral.

But, even in doing so they are choosing a side. But silently. And subconsciously. That neutrality is then counted towards wherever the majority is. Because that’s how it works.

Unless you state otherwise.