The Judgement Day!

The Judgement Day!

The reality of life is that every day is a judgement day for all humans!

Simply put, people will always judge you, no matter what.

No matter how good you morally are, or bad, or high in the social status, or low, or on any other scale, the judgement is never over.

There is never getting rid of it.

The only thing to do is to avoid that judgement and focus on yourself. That takes a lot, a lot of practice, calling out yourself when it starts to affect you and then get back on track again.

But, said that, the outcome is that much beautiful, because it also helps when you feel more calmer, and more freer with your choices and decisions, that now you can truly take for yourself.

Too Many Questions???

Too Many Questions???

Have you noticed…

No matter what you do…

No matter when you do…

No matter how you do…

Before or After…

Everyone around you have a lot of questions to ask!

These questions never end.

After a while, they just seem annoying at the most. That doesn’t matter though, because the questions never end.

And they are asked by everyone! Literally, everyone.

They could be out of genuine love and care


Out of curiosity


Out of jealousy


Out of wanting to implement something for themselves


There could a hundred reasons here!

The bottom line is, the questions never end.

What can you do then?


How about trying to ignore this noise and just concentrating on your journey!?

Seems difficult, but I’m sure, with practice, it can be done.

Do what you feel needs to be done, without worrying what the others think or ask or tell you to do!

And to those asking the questions?

Try focusing on yourself first, before focusing on others.



First, Yourself.

First, Yourself.

In this fast-moving life of ours, where we are chasing things, running after one thing and the next, we forget about ourselves.

Who’s going to care about yourself?

It is utmost necessary to take time out of your day, every day, to focus on your self – mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s always you first and then everything else. Start your day and end your day with caring for yourself – and once you do that, notice the difference in your day-to-day.

You’ll be able to think differently, have a different perspective of what you want vs what you have, how would you like to give back etc – the entire game changes once you focus on your inner self.


Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

• Invest in Yourself •

The best investment you can make is on yourself!

When you decide to build yourself, increase your knowledge, upgrade your mindset, take accountability of your actions, all of this upgrades you to a higher level of yourself.

And, this is the only investment with a 100% ROI.

Read books/ Listen to Podcasts/ Watch Educational Videos/ Network around/ Build connections – all of these can only make a better version of yourself.

It takes time – it takes time for these changes to result into positive actions – but the key is to keep at it, and never stop! ❤️