Don’t you want to know the context?

Don’t you want to know the context?

We are surrounded with a lot of narratives, stories, rules, laws, rituals and sorts around us, which is blindly followed by most of the people.

This is then carried over from person to person, generation to generation, with someone adding their perspective to it and no one knowing the origin of it.

Now, something is done because everyone does it (this way).

No one knows why.

Don’t you want to know the context?

Don’t you want to know why you should do that certain thing? Why is it followed in such a manner? What’s the origin of it? What’s the meaning of it?

Understanding the basics of it is what’s actually going to empower you to do it, if it needs to be done. Not the fact that everyone is following this route, thus it should be done that way.

Context is everything, when you try to look beyond the horizon.