Filling the Void

Filling the Void

More often than not, when things are not working out for someone, they have a choice.

Such a choice entails that you either address why something is not working out for you.

That something could be minor or major to your life, could be a habit or a goal, a dream or a lifestyle choice.

So the choice comes down to addressing the issue or the second one, the one usually taken…

Where one creates “fake purposes” or rather, to elaborate that point, where one holds on to something that would fill the void of not addressing those issues.

If that wasn’t self-explanatory, it means when people join causes or become part of trends they have no interest in or has nothing to do with their own life.

However, doing so lets them escape their issues, where that fake purpose is letting them feel that the particular cause they’ve joined holds more value than their issue, which seems just smaller and insignificant to that purpose at hand.

Doing so may temporarily move your focus onto something else, but it doesn’t take away what wasn’t working out for you or your life and your indecisiveness towards the issue.

The longer you choose to do so, the bigger the void becomes, and bigger your support towards those “fake purposes”.


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