Figuring out yourself is the biggest decision one has to make

Figuring out yourself is the biggest decision one has to make

The world is developing at a rate where at every step of the way, there’s chaos.

Chaos about all the necessary things in life, chaos about all the “luxurious” things in life, there’s chaos everywhere.

Fill in the societal pressure of doing a certain something by a certain age.

Now, for most people, with the chaos and the pressure, they start following a certain route, doing everything that falls along their way, without questioning too many things… And basically following all the norms.

But does that mean they have figured themselves out!?

In most cases, unfortunately that’s not the answer. Following a route and knowing yourself what you truly want are two different things.

Figuring yourself out is a task in itself. Some wait their entire lives to do so, some don’t at all. Some very quickly, and with some it happens at their own timeline.

But, a question of this stature falls down to a bigger question, What do you align yourself with?

Forget all associations, forget everything that society has taught, forget all institutions and forget everything that was externally built… Now ask yourself, what do you align yourself with?

Sitting down with a pen and paper and asking that question to yourself will help you jot down everything that comes to your mind, of course sitting stress-free and schedule-free.

What do you align with – values, character traits, interests, hobbies, tastes, type of people, wants, needs, etc.

This isn’t something that is obtained in a single sitting, but one that definitely get you started. You have your whole life to figure out yourself, and everyday you might discover something new, but that intention to start figuring out yourself is the biggest decision that one has to make.