Be Your Own Audience

Be Your Own Audience

This is not about content creation. This is not about marketing, nor Branding. This is about that and everything else about you, your life.

The words that you speak, how you communicate to others, your deeds, your actions, your behavior, online and in person – this is about everything.

Be your own audience.

Whether you like it or not.

Whether this is how you’d want someone to be with you or not.

Whether this is how you’d want someone to behave with you, or speak with you in this manner, or to act in such a way with you, or not.

What do you think? Are you your own audience? Isn’t this a better perspective to have, to understand things? To understand how you react, how you behave, what should you change, what is good about you, all of these questions now get answered when you have a perspective like this.

Before changing someone else or criticizing someone else, we should first check how we are with them and whether that needs change or criticism or not.


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