Doesn’t matter if I live for 90 years

Doesn’t matter if I live for 90 years

If an individual lives for say, 70 years or 90 years or even more, it sounds good to have lived that long.

But, life being an experience, it only matters if you have experienced life enough up till that point.

If you have lived the same life for a long amount of time, to not have experienced the thrill and satisfaction from it, then how does it matter how long does you live for?

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live that long. No. It means that life is about experiences, life is about satisfaction, life is about freedom, life is about emotions, if all of those things and more aren’t experienced, then it doesn’t matter whether we live for 20 years, 40 years, or a 100 years.

Balancing your Life

Balancing your Life

Instead of constantly rushing towards work and focusing all your energy into it, why not balance it out and experience other areas and phases of your life as well?

Instead of wondering where did all that time go, why not create slots for everything you want to do in a particular day and live a balanced and experienced life?

Why not experience cooking? Why not experience organizing? Why not experience journaling? Why not experience meditation? Why not experience those things that you wanted to do outside of work?

Ultimately, life is an experience which we don’t want to miss out on.

Every Experience

Every Experience

Some experiences are good for you, and for some, the outcome isn’t. But, every experience has something to teach. In most cases, it’s only in hindsight that we realize that, and we understand and learn from it. But, even if we don’t, what we must know that every experience plays a part in moulding in, in improving us, in evolving us.

What we are today, is because of every experience we have had in our lives. These experiences play a part in your behavior, your habits, your thoughts, that voice in your head, your work, basically everything.

When we understand that, don’t you think it’d be better to look back at every experience with a different perspective, try to derive some learning from it, if it wasn’t a good one, what can you still take away from it. Everything helps you at a later point in time, and we aren’t even aware of it right now.

Even listening to this podcast episode is an experience for you, which might change something for you, somewhere down the line, either consciously or sub-consciously. Every experience matters. Every experience has some learning. Every experience affects our life.


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