The date is August 3, 2026

The date is August 3, 2026. 5 Years from Today. You imagine today is that day. Just visualize it!

Now, ask yourself the following questions…

Do you want to be mentally healthy?
Do you want to be physically healthy?
Do you want to be free of all ailments?
Do you want a positive voice in your head?
Do you want to have less anxiety and/or less stress?
Do you want to be satisfied or feel fulfilled in life?
Do you want to have fewer problems in your life?
Do you want to evolve to a higher version than what you were 5 years ago?

In order to say ‘YES‘ to those questions 5 years from today, the work for it starts TODAY.

Your today’s actions may not have an impact today, but they definitely have an impact ONE year from today, FIVE years from today, and TWENTY years from today.

The life you live today affects your future, no one else’s.

The Best Examples

The Best Examples

So many individuals, so many stories, some inspirational, so many to learn from, so many to not repeat again…

But, any day, any time, the best example is of oneself.

This isn’t about self-boasting or arrogance, but for every individual, the best example that they should give is of themselves. Especially when they look at their past selves and then look at themselves today, in the present.

Those are any day the best examples, because no matter how inspirational or motivational someone else’s story is, only you know the hard work and efforts and struggles you have put into yours.

Your best example is your today when compared with your yesterday, and to see how far you have come, how much you have overcome, how much you have changed.

Moreover, if you doubt of you being your best example, that is again an inspiration to make one for your tomorrow and when you compare that tomorrow with your today.

Would you be aware of something or be in ignorance of it?

Would you be aware of something or be in ignorance of it?

If you had a choice, would you become aware of something or rather be in ignorance of it?

Is that question too complicated or confusing?

Let me explain it a bit further.

In any area of your life, there are moments – whether through your own mistakes, or through someone’s advice, or through external learning, when you get the chance to be aware of something?

Something that you were doing wrong, or something you didn’t know about – now there’s a moment when you can learn about it and implement it to your life.

The second option is to ignore it.

Let it be as it is.

By ignoring it, you choose to not learn something new, you choose to not improve at that certain something, you choose to not implement it in your life.

Let me ask you again, when such a moment arises, would you become aware of something or be in ignorance or it?


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