Inward and Outward

Inward and Outward

Every action of ours has an inward and outward effect.

What we think/ feel/ eat/ drink/ how we care for our mind/ body/ the words we communicate/ the work we do/ the experiences we have,

All of it has not just an effect on the outside, but it equally affects us on the inside too (our inner body processes/ organs/ brain activity, brain processes, hormone releases, neural activity, body energy, just about everything).

Every emotion we feel (as an outcome of anything that we choose to do) releases an energy of that sort in the body too.

Every thing we eat and drink is how our body processes it, and whether it is good for the body or not, then has an outcome accordingly.

Whether we exercise or not, not just has an effect on how “slim” we become, but it has an effect on our body processes too.

The words that we communicate, not just affects our character and our relationships, but also the quality of our mind and the type of voice that develops because of it.

In such a short span of a few sentences, it’s a lot to process… But eventually the baseline still stands the same, everything we do has an effect, not just on the outward, but inward too.

We usually don’t think about any of this, we weren’t taught to think in this manner, neither did we question the working of anything.

If we become a tiny bit more mindful than usual, then we can start taking care of our mind, body and soul, at least from now on, if not before (and experience life differently than before).