The mundaneness of a routine

The mundaneness of a routine

Routines are good and fun. When you have a routine, you have basically collected all your habits and distributed them in a manner that suits your day well.

Having a routine actually gives you the freedom to do more, rather than worrying about what to do when. You now have systems in place, and you can either have time to do specific things more (self care, ideation, socializing etc) or simply work around the slots that you’ve already filled.

Routines happen like muscle memory, those things that you do daily just happen automatically in those timely slots. You can then spend less time scheduling a particular piece of activity, because there already is a slot assigned for it. You can spend less time worrying about missing out on something or just having to skip something, because it’s part of your routine and it will happen.

But, here’s a catch… Only those habits that you love doing will actually keep you on your toes everyday, and that is what keeps the system running.

Only when you enjoy doing it can you then enjoy doing all of those things every day.

Otherwise, the mundaneness of a routine starts seeping in your life.

Every day you wake up, and you have to do a particular activity, then another activity and so on (whether it is with regards to your personal, social, or professional life), your day will surround any of those sectors.

The moment you don’t enjoy any of those particular habitual slots, and it still has to happen, then you start forcing yourself towards those things. Now you aren’t in the right mood right from the start (irrespective of how things will shape up), now you aren’t doing it for your enjoyment, but because it has to be done with or without your personal wishes.

It is that moment when the mundaneness seeps in, and now you start looking at your life differently… You enjoy parts of your life and other parts you don’t. It is that moment when you look in the macro, when you wish things would be different.

One could also perceive it as a call to change, to shuffle things around, to replace your habits with something better, to spice up your life.