RTHReviews: Don’t Look Up

RTHReviews: Don’t Look Up

Those familiar with Adam McKay’s works know the subtleties in his storyline and the volume they speak, and Don’t Look Up is no exception to that.

(Here’s the official synopsis: Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.)

How he has approached the film is simply excellent, the satire is impeccable. The film talks about climate change without even referring to it, whilst also quietly taking a dig on the left-wing vs right-wing of politics, and how people are so easily manipulated… I mean the film touches upon so many points and can be applied to so many categories, it’s just brilliant.

It’s quite interesting right from the get-go, freaking hilarious, and you simultaneously feel the underlying disappointment beneath the laughter too, something you understand when you watch it.

What else makes this film such a great watch? THE CAST. You’re seeing these faces after such a long time and all of them together is just applaud-worthy. Leonardo DiCaprio with another excellent performance, Jennifer Lawrence does what she does best, Meryl Streep just killed it in her role… And Jonah Hill’s comic timing is everything, whilst it’s difficult to single out one individual performance in this collective effort, Jonah Hill was just too good in his role.

The takeaway from the film, the perspective, speaks a lot, especially when compared to the reality we live in. The meta approach was another plus point, and well, there’s only so much you can appreciate about a film… Truly one of the great films of 2021.