Proving people right?

Proving people right?

How many times have our conversations with others ended with the statement, “I’ll prove you wrong”.

Either in anger, or ego popping up, are the two major scenarios when one wants to prove someone else wrong.

Then, your life’s objective isn’t to be happy, isn’t to enjoy the process, isn’t to become better, but just to prove someone else wrong. And once you do that, then what?

Most people feel lost then.

Instead of facing off with such people, how about being around those people whom you want to prove right?

Such people who walk with you, who support you, and who also keep you grounded whilst supporting your vision.

Now what you’re doing is for the right reasons… Now you want to do something you are interested in, you want to do something that you want to spend your time on, and now you’re proving those people right who had your back.