Do you remember your pandemic days?

Do you remember your pandemic days?

March 2020. Pandemic. Lockdown. Panic. Misinformation. Now, its June 2021 and yet much of the things remain the same.

Some cruised through, some suffered, some balanced. For some, 2020 was difficult, and in that time they built themselves and were ready for 2021. For some, 2020 was manageable, but they took a hit in 2021.

But, do you remember the pandemic days?

Most of it seems like a blur, experiences are somehow clubbed into one narrative, but in the micro, it has become so difficult to remember a particular day or a particular time.

That time has just vanished like the snap of a finger. All that remained were the habits, the muscle memory, and the voice, all that took over and guided every individual towards what was next.

All that differed was the particular individual’s habits and their voice in the head, whether those helped them or not, whether they had a positive impact on their life or not.