Personal before Professional

Personal before Professional

We have been taught to always focus on our careers, on our professional side of life, the side that earns money and is able to buy things.

We are always chasing growth in that sector of life, trying to accomplishing our work goals.

Sometimes, we even make those work goals, our life goals, because we don’t know the difference.

That is how the system works, how the society works, no one questioned it, everyone just did the same thing, but in different ways.

Chasing professional goals is not wrong at all, it gives you motivation to do something but when it comes at the cost of personal growth, then it creates a problem.

When you are not in control of yourself, is when problems appear elsewhere in your life.

When you don’t know how to emotionally react, is when you hinder your exterior relationships as well as your relationship with yourself.

When you don’t know how your own voice in the head has come from, how will you separate yourself from what the society and their judgements say.

Personal comes before Professional.

Personal growth, first, focus on yourself first or simultaneously, and then let that impact every other area of your life.

Professional growth will create exterior success, but won’t affect personal growth. On the contrary, personal growth will create professional growth + inner success + inner peace + satisfaction.


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Stumbling upon

Stumbling upon

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of self-improvement, you never know you needed to improve.

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of positivity, you never know you needed it.

Until you don’t stumble upon the path of growth, you never know you wanted to grow.

This is such an interesting game of choice and chance.

Sometimes you stumble upon something by chance, and sometimes by choice.

Either ways, if you get the chance to stumble upon it, appreciate it.

It’s a path that you always wanted to walk on, but never knew you wanted to.