How Disney played it smart?

How Disney played it smart?

If you watch tv shows or movies, you’d know the streaming wars going on, Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Disney+ amongst others, with a recent addition of HBO Max as well.

The recent additions are currently in the race to adding more subscribers and play with the other top performing platforms.

Warner Media recently announced their plans to release their 2021 slate of films in theatres and simultaneously on their streaming platform, HBO Max as well. That 2021 slate of films include John Wick 4, Dune, Suicide Squad, and a lot more, which you can check out here.

Meanwhile, Netflix and Amazon Prime, the leaders in the streaming category are currently sorted with their plethora of content and already established and rising user base.

The current hot platform is Disney+, which is all over the news with the recent mega announcement of 50+ films and tv shows, including Marvel and Star Wars and Pixar originals.

You can check out their announced list of tv shows and films here.

They also announced their user base is currently at 74 million users already, having launched in November 2019, 14 months ago.

What is smart about their strategy is how they are planning their IPs and giving the audience more than what they could expect.

This is somewhere where Disney+ has a edge over Netflix and Amazon Prime, because even though they have a ton of originals, they still don’t have the depth that Disney has to offer.

In comparison, even Warner Media has a width and depth of IP with them, may be even more than others, with DC Comics, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and many more.

Where HBO Max didn’t make the impact they intended to, with their announcement is, instead of going in depth with their content and providing more, they are taking away the cinematic experience that the audience seeks, especially with their big-budget, big-screen films. Their intent is, the audience is leaning towards their smartphones and we’re providing just that.

(HBO Max could be releasing in India soon, read about it here)

But, ultimately it’s about the experience. You wouldn’t want to watch a Matrix 4 or a Kong v Godzilla on your smartphone or even your TV. Such films are made for the big screen, with that sound quality and the cinematic experience.

Christopher Nolan summed this up quite directly, calling HBO Max, the worst streaming service. Read more here.

This is how Disney played it smart with their streaming platform. With the width and depth that they have, they are taking a deep dive into their content buckets and creating something for the audience to watch at home and simultaneously creating something for the audience to watch in the theaters.

They are taking the fans into a universe, connecting them with every fan-favourite character, giving them a storyline of their own, whilst focusing on connecting everything and making it a bigger universe of content than before.

When you think of Disney, you want to watch their TV shows on their OTT platform, you want to watch their movies in theatres. That’s their impact, their smart strategy they’ve played really well.


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