Respect the Creator!

Respect the Creator!

This is something you might know, you might be aware of, or there are chances you might not know at all.

When a creator creates something, be it any field, art, craft, entertainment, sports, anywhere, there’s a lot, literally a lot that goes in each work of theirs.

For someone consuming or witnessing that, it becomes quite easy to just see the end result and probably, pass a quick opinion on it.

If the consumer has a different opinion, there wouldn’t be a second missed to have passed their opinion to the creator, irrespective of how it would make them feel.

However, for the creator, they have put their heart and soul into their work + lots and lots of hard work and efforts and ideation and execution and more importantly, time is usually spent on a single creation.

The creator has one goal from their creations, for it to touch the heart and souls of the audience, for it to provide value to them.

Although, what happens is, at times, the ones who do like the stuff usually stay quiet without appreciating the creator and the ones with a different opinion ensure to make their voice as loud as possible. Sometimes, harshly too. Especially on social media.

Without caring or understanding the emotions of the other person, without realising the behind-the-scenes of the work, that one comment sometimes breaks the creator.

The message that I’d like to send here is this, no matter who the creator is, no matter what the creation is, whether you align with it or not, whether you have a different opinion or not, first – respect the creator.

You need to have some empathy for them, empathy towards the person first, because they are a human being too.

Sometimes, the work may not have the expected results, but for them, they did put in the same amount of work for something was liked on a mass level.

Sure, if you have a piece of constructive criticism that would help them, do let them know with love and respect.

P. S. I did want to touch upon this topic with love and respect in mind, however, there’s another form of respect that needs to be shown towards the creator.

I’m simply going to go ahead and say it out…

Please don’t use a creator’s work for yourself, please don’t blatantly copy paste their work for yourself, please don’t try to remove their watermark/copyrights etc and use it for yourself.

Bottom line, if you do that, it’s just so disrespectful.




Respect the Creator.

Every Creative has a Thought behind it.

Every Creative has a Thought behind it.

Don’t judge a design by its simplicity is a designer’s equivalent to “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Either the creative becomes too simple or too complex, however, what we have forgotten is empathy for the creator.

Whether it be a billboard, or a TVC, or a social media creative, as a consumer, you tend to remember the brand that’s posting it or as the brand, you see the conversions that’s happening.

However, the creator, has to look at the quantity and always come up with something different, and at the same time, keep it connected with the brand.

One creative may look “simple”, when 100s are done together then they’re not.

Every creator may have heard this before, “kuch accha, kuch alag, thoda hatke, wow factor hona chahiye.” And to motivate you further, they add “budget nahi hai, budget kam hai, exposure milega, we will promote your work.”

So the question arises, what does the creator go through, in this process?
• Constant Ask for Discounts
There’s a constant notion in the market that all the creator needs to do is get a few pictures together, add some text to it, and the logo and voila! So, why not reduce your price, just for this one creative?

• Friendship On The Line
Another common scenario is the constant ask for “Could you do a creative for my page and add a few simple lines, it would help me a lot.” Since they are your friend, and them not understanding the process, you feel compelled to do so and after 10-15 edits, all you can think is, “At least next time he/she will have a better understanding of what happens in this process.”

• Long hours behind a Computer
What you see, when you follow a brand, is a creative that’s either liked or shared, and scrolled through within a matter of seconds.
What you don’t see, is the hours of discussions and trial and error behind every Creative, that the chosen one made it to your screen.

These long hours are followed by severe backaches, headaches, constant “discussions” with the client and no personal life of their own.

No, don’t feel sorry for them or tell them that it’s their job, just be a little empathetic when you deal with them or when you see their creative online or offline.

//A quick message for the clients:
– Constantly delivering creatives takes efforts, so be as detailed as possible with your briefs and realistic with your timelines.
– Be quick to respond in case of changes and most importantly, value their work.
– A great creative will take your company to another level, especially if you’re growing through social media and by underpaying/ bickering with your creators you’re demotivating them to put in the work that they usually would.

To the creators, we’re with you. ❤️