You don’t have to be busy all the time

You don’t have to be busy all the time

All our life we have been taught to be busy, either with work, or filling the gaps in between, just trying to do something or the other, often in the form of escapism.

The word ‘busy’ has been ingrained in our minds, so much so, that for anything that we do, be it watching a movie or scrolling on social media, we’d claim to be busy.

But, the reality of life is, in order to be free, in order to be more productive, in order to get more ideas, in order to relax, you don’t have to be busy all the time.

It’s in your ideal time when your brain is most active, it is that time when you’ll ideate more, you’ll think of your decisions to make, what do you want to do differently, what’s going right for you – that ideal time is your time.

Instead of focusing on being busy, focus on the opposite and notice the change it brings.

Insecurities lead to Judgements

Insecurities lead to Judgements

We all know someone, or maybe count ourselves in that someone too, who have judged someone else at any given point of time, or have been on the receiving end of those judgements, or maybe both.

Whether its their looks or their fame or how they talk or how look or their social status, their financial status, or there are countless other factors to which people are judged.

But, would someone who is secure with their life judge someone else? Would someone who is satisfied with their life judge someone else?

Its often those who are insecure themselves, in any area of their life, who pinpoint others’ limitations or their wrongdoings (and probably take satisfaction from it as well).

For example, if you’re financially insecure and someone else is, but they lack in their communication skills, you would be the first one to judge them at that.

It is your own insecurity that leads to you judging someone else and vice versa. And this cycle then continues, on a macro scale, everywhere.

Somewhere or the other, any individual finds themselves insecure with something or everything and that is downpoured onto someone else, so your hole of insecurity can be filled.

Putting every minute under the lens

Putting every minute under the lens

People say they don’t get enough time for their relationships and family? They don’t get enough time to work out? To meditate? To cook?

To do those various things that they would have otherwise done?

Then why not?

And is time seriously the problem here?

Or is the management of it the problem?

With the 1440 minutes that each of us have in our hands everyday, when you put every minute of it under the lens, there you would find all the answers.

How much of those minutes are productive? How much is wasted? How much can be utilized elsewhere?

When that is done, then you will notice that you’re able to do everything you want to.

I lost 15 kgs in 6 months

I lost 15 kgs in 6 months

I lost 15 kgs in 6 months.


Not because I wanted to lose weight fast, but because I wanted to live a better lifestyle than before.

Not because I wanted to look good, but because I wanted to feel good and feel those fabulous internal benefits of working out.

Not because I starved myself or tried fad diets, but because I knew it’s time to get rid of those foods that have harmful effects on the mind and body, that may taste good in the moment, but have not-so-good effects in the future.

A simple tweak of knowing the why, rather than the what and how.

A simple tweak of enjoying the process than the outcome.

That’s it. And that brought results.

Internet Motivation

Internet Motivation

For anyone who has browsed through the internet enough, or the social media platforms to be specific, would know how over-saturated the motivational content has become.

Every individual will come up with some type of motivational content, irrespective of how their individual life is doing, or if not original, then would remix someone else’s content, but so much of it is just revolved around Motivation.

It almost gives a perspective to people that motivation is all they need to do anything in life, personally and professionally. When they’re motivated, everything will be done right and everything they want.

When they aren’t motivated, then they’ll seek more of it on these platforms.

But, to be honest, is it all you need?
Is it okay for one to perceive that motivation is all they need? This mental high they get after reading something motivational is all they need?

The problem is not with motivation, but with those pushing it and those consuming it. Sure, motivation is needed, but it makes more sense when its done by yourself, and especially when included with the other ingredients.

Motivation is just the cherry on the cake, but you still need the ingredients to make the cake first.

Right from your physical and mental wellness, to your mindset, to your thoughts, to your habits, your faith and your beliefs, the goals you have, the people around you, all of it comprise of those ingredients you need to make a good cake.

Then you can put the motivation as the topping, that’s what motivation is. But those who post motivational fail to realize that, probably because themselves are doing it just for the content or they have created a motivational bubble around themselves.

Irrespective of the reasons, as the consumer of such content, especially for one who wants to improve their life, who wants to write the script of their lives themselves, can ponder upon this and ultimately, take charge and start working on every aspect of their life and improving it, rather than depending on Internet Motivation.

Judge, Jury and Executioner

Judge, Jury and Executioner

In life, no matter where you are, on the financial scale or the social scale, or any other scale for that matter, whether any other individual knows you 1%, 5%, or 50%, you’re going to get judged at every point of your life.

There’s going to be a jury, people around you, keeping a lookout at everything you do and probably compare that with someone else.

And in the form of executioner, you have got your laws, government, and media, the external things that have an impact on your life.

But, you can change it all around, if you wish to, and without letting anything affect you, be in control of your life, be the judge, jury and executioner of your own life.

It all starts with you. Your job is to focus on yourself, your path and not on anything else and not let anything else hinder your life decisions.


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