Dealing with Every Day

Dealing with Every Day

Prepared or unprepared,

Growth mindset or fixed mindset,

Process or the outcome,

Happiness or the chase,

Whichever category you belong to,

There is still every day to deal with.

Each day brings with it, its own ups and downs.

Its own set of successes and its own set of setbacks.

A high and low of emotions.

Various things to deal with.

And apart from that purpose, apart from that higher goal, there is still always that every day to deal with.

The ‘every day’ that we need to be ready for.

For what it will bring.

For what will happen.

Sometimes it deviates us, sometimes it brings us back to the path,

Sometimes it brings you all the things you want, and sometimes it takes it all away,

Those are the dealings of the every day

That we need to live and experience and be prepared for.