The Latte Factor by David Bach (Review)

The Latte Factor by David Bach (Review)

Are you not able to afford something that you want or need? Are you also trapped with the common myths of money? Would you like to grow your money without much hassles?

Then, this is the book for you.

The Latte Factor by David Bach is, in my opinion, a book covering the basics of financial management, which ultimately becomes relatable for the reader because you’re able to connect with the story, and feel that a similar situation occurred with you too and it makes sense to what the author has written.

Books like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ are a more refined version on a similar topic, more detailed and advanced, which is why I mentioned that The Latte Factor covers the basics.

Much of the contents of the book wasn’t completely new if you have read similar books or if you follow people like Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone.

Nonetheless, the book doesn’t take much time and it’s always better to read through such a book – whether you’ve read something similar or not – you get to understand from a different perspective and are able to strengthen your base.

This is a good, short read – pick it up and you’ll come out a bit more refined in the financial world.