RTHReviews : Schitt’s Creek

RTHReviews : Schitt’s Creek

Like most of us, Schitt’s Creek caught my attention a bit too late, having no recollection of it prior to 2020. Anyhow, a show of this caliber, I’m glad I took my own sweet time of watching it than binge watching it, as is the culture.

For someone who has been tv shows and films for a while, it becomes difficult to count something as truly unique or something that is your top 5, and Schitt’s Creek ticked off both those boxes for me.

What’s the story? A married couple suddenly go bankrupt and the only remaining asset they have is an ugly small town named Schitt’s Creek.

What can you say about Schitt’s Creek that isn’t said already? The progression of the storyline, the depth of the characters, how relatable they are, the journey they’ve had, is super fun to watch. The show makes you feel good, makes you feel positive, and is extremely well written and created. Dan Levy and Eugene Levy have done a remarkable job at that.

Speaking of which, the actors and their performances. The journey of every character is one to watch, their character arcs, their progress, you fall in love with every one of them. Whether its Dan or Eugene Levy, or Catherine O’Hara or Annie Murphy or any of the cast members, you relate with someone at some point in their story, and that’s makes this watch even more fascinating.

Bottom Line: This is one of the best things one can watch, if you choose to invest a considerable amount of time on a tv show. You will certainly appreciate your decision for choosing this show.